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ADGP B Sandhya at Dietitian's suggestion


Thrissur: ADGP B Sandhya says the police academy’s food menu does not include beef and mutton. This is according to the dietitian. B Sandhya responded by saying that the news is a media creation.Around 2800 personnel from various battalions of Kerala came to the Thrissur Police Academy for training yesterday. Their food menu is controversial. Eggs, poultry and fish were included in the menu, but the omission of beef was controversial. Meanwhile, police say the beef was already on the menu.

ADGP B Sankhya says that the menu has been released as per the doctors’ instructions and there is no ban. ADGP said beef was served in all battalion canteens in the past few days. No bullets have been reported from the police academy.

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The controversial ban on IG Suresh Raj Purohit Beef at Thrissur Police Academy a few years back was controversial. The ban was lifted with the intervention of the government.

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First published: February 17, 2020

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