Because of “post-terrorists”: Russia restricts access to German e-mail service “Tutanota”


The Russian media regulator “Roskomnadsor” announced on Wednesday that it would restrict access to the German e-mail service “Tutanota”. The so-called “post-terrorists” are said to have sent several bomb threats from there.

As the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB announced on Wednesday, the perpetrators used this service to send bomb threats against various objects in Russia. In addition, they had previously used four different email services: In addition to Tutanota, the service providers “Protonmail”, “Startmail”, “Guerrillamail” and “Cock” were used.

“Unknowns use the German e-mail service” “for their criminal activities. Since February 13, four emails have been sent from there with false bomb threats against 206 objects in St. Petersburg, including a court and several kindergartens, ”said a press release from the domestic intelligence agency.

Roskomnadsor on Wednesday announced access Restrict to website.

“This email service was used by the malefactors both in 2019 and in February 2020 to send out supposedly reliable information about bombs that were allegedly placed in bulk in transport infrastructure objects and courthouses on the territory of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the legal process, Roskomnadsor limits access to all the resources that the perpetrators use to destabilize the situation in the country and to create tension, ”the media regulator said on its website.

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