Bayern beat Mainz in 18 minutes and climbed to the top


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German hegemon Bayern Munich won 3-1 at Mainz at the Opel Arena in a Bundesliga 20th round match.

The champions decided everything in the first half, when they scored three goals in 18 minutes. They were the work of Robert Lewandowski (8), Thomas Müller (14) and Leon Goretska (26).

At the very end of the half, Jerry Juste scored an honorable home run. After the break, nothing interesting happened and with the victory Bayern climbed to the top with 42 points, but could later be displaced by RD Leitzpig if the Bulls prevail at home over Borussia Monchengladbach. Mainz remains in 15th position with 18 points.

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Right from the start Bayern has shown brilliant short passes and great ball movement. Mainz, for his part, had closed and the Bavarians were waiting for the enemy’s defense to open to strike in thin spaces.

The first dangerous situation was not delayed and in the 5th minute Leon Goretska was found uncovered in a promising position, but his shot went wide of the left beam. 180 seconds later, however, Robert Lewandowski discovered the result.

Benjamin Pawar pierced the right flank and centered perfectly in the box. There, the Polish shooter jumped over the central defenders and head-butted the goalkeeper 1-0 for Bayern!

The second strike of the German hegemon was late and in the 14th minute the result was doubled. Lewandowski was stopped in a clean position, but the ball was hit by Goretska. With a very clever pass he turned slightly back to the rising Thomas Muller, who scored from a 2-0 run!

In the 22nd minute, Mainz missed an excellent chance to reduce his liability. Leandro Barreiro Martins caught the move and the save saved Manuel Neuer. And a short time later, Thiago Alcantara finally put an end to the dispute. The Spanish national received a pass from Alfonso Davis, went through the parade through several opponents, and with a strong joke he signed for 3: 0!

Then the hosts bet on combination football, trying to create a goal opportunity, and that gave the score in the 45th minute when Jerry Juste overcame Neuer 1-3!

In the 51st minute, Lewandowski did well in the penalty area, but Mainz’s defense managed and cleared. The visitors then took the lead, with 70 percent of the ball.

In the 91st minute, Mainz could have made his loss more honorable, but Robin Quyson shook the left beam.

Mainz – Bayern 1: 3

Scorers: 0: 1 Lewandowski (8), 0: 2 Müller (14), 0: 3 Alcantara (26), 1: 3 Juste (45)

Mainz: Tsentner, Brozinski, Juste, Niakate, Baku, Martins (72-Onisivo), Malong (32-Latz), Quaison, Boetius, Oztunali, Mateta (75-Salai)

Bayern: Neuer, Pawar, Boateng, Alaba, Davis, Kihim, Alcantara, Goretska (65-Coutinho), Perisic (89-Toliso), Müller (65-Gnabri), Lewandowski

Art .: Opel Arena
Judge: Bastian Dunkert
Yellow cards: Dankert, Latza, Boetius (Mainz); Goretska (Bayern)


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