Bahrain plans to create a wind power generation project


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The head of the Sustainable Energy Authority in Bahrain, Abdul Hussain Mirza, revealed a project plan for wind power generation on land and at sea, by preparing terms of reference to be presented in a public tender for the production of electric energy from wind.

Moscow – Sputnik. According to the Bahraini newspaper, “Gulf News”, today, Sunday, Expectation Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Authority, the project’s production capacity should range between 50 and 100 MW.

Mirza told the newspaper, “There are several projects that the Sustainable Energy Authority is working on in different ways, many of which are included in the National Renewable Energy Plan and the National Energy Efficiency Plan and their initiatives, and other projects.

It sprang from efforts to coordinate cooperation between the private and public sectors, to encourage investment in renewable energy projects, and to improve energy efficiency.

These initiatives and projects are in line with the established national action plans, and national plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency, which are considered a road map for the authority’s work.


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