‘Bag offer’ for the economy was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly


According to the proposal, electricity and natural gas consumption costs, accrual, the duration and scope of the collections are determined and the duration and scope of the collection are delayed up to 1 year, and the distribution costs of the supply companies are not exceeding the amount of the delay in the financing costs. It will be decided by the President to meet the budget of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this article, including the cost elements that will fall within the scope of financing costs, will be determined by the regulation enacted by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, taking the opinion of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

The Turkish Standards Institute will be able to employ external examiners from outside the institute with a fixed term, temporary, special knowledge and expertise in Turkey and abroad. Their daily review fee will be determined by the Board of Directors in order not to exceed 25 percent of the monthly gross amount of the minimum wage. A disciplinary committee and a high disciplinary committee will be established at the center to carry out disciplinary procedures of the staff of the institute.

Notifications can be made electronically

With the amendment in the Identity Reporting Law, people working in all kinds of commercial and art-oriented workplaces that are located within the borders of the city, towns and villages, other than the places specified in the law, those who work in these places, students’ dormitories and similar places, the notifications of the students staying in these places, responsible operators Law enforcement can also be done electronically. In this context, notifications made electronically will be shared with the village and neighborhood headmen by the general police.

On the basis of the services that pass after the date of the duty disability pension, the disability pensions and war individuals, who are on a monthly basis and who continue to work, will also receive an old-age pension, upon request, with a minimum of 20 years of insurance period and 5 thousand days of premium payment.

3 to 5 years imprisonment

Those who set up and operate factories or manufacturing factories that manufacture non-rifle rifles, sports and aiming rifles and pistols under the scope of regulation without obtaining an operating permit or in violation of the operating permit, and those who do this against the principles of the law, from 3 to 5 years will be punished with imprisonment up to 500 days and judicial fines from 500 days to 5,000 days.

Those who sell rifles, sports and engagement rifles and pistols produced in this way, those who mediate their sales, transports, those who carry them for sale, those who hold them for sale will be sentenced to prison from 1 year to 3 years, and a judicial fine from 100 days to 500 days. These penalties will also be imposed on those who sell without a vendor certificate, and who sell to the person who does not have a bore-free rifle purchase certificate or sell the export registered rifle to the country.

Advertising of rifles and pistols will not be promoted

Unbeaten rifles, sports and engagement rifles and pistols will not be commercially advertised or promoted in any media in written, visual, audio and similar ways; Campaigns that encourage and encourage their use will not be organized. According to the Law on the Protection of Consumers, administrative fines will be imposed by the local civil servant for those acting against this. In case of repeated infringement on administrative proceedings, administrative fines will be tripled.

Corporate websites and social media accounts belonging to the activity permit holders, the materials they prepare for participating in the fairs, and the advertising or promotion in television organizations and thematic broadcasts on hunting and shooting will be excluded from this prohibition.

Amendment to the Tourism Incentive Law

With the amendment made in the Tourism Incentive Law, simple trial procedure will be applied in the cases of abandonment regarding the servitude rights established in favor of investors on the immovable properties allocated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The buildings, facilities and outbuildings on the immovables whose allocation has been canceled and the easement rights have been abandoned or whose allocation periods have expired will be delivered to the Treasury free of charge. The investor will not be able to claim any rights and costs for these.

The establishment of an easement right on the immovables that are under the disposal of the Ministry and the abandonment of the easement rights established in favor of investors on the immovable properties that have been canceled will be done with the approval of the ministry.

In order to make the tourism facilities certified by the ministry, which are located on the immovables in the places allocated for tourism with the zones of culture and tourism conservation and development, zoning plans within the tourism centers, these facilities are designed according to the plan, science, health and sustainable environmental conditions. Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to issue regulations regarding their project.

According to the Law Proposal Amending Some Laws adopted in the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, those who succeeded in the written and oral exam among the inspectors, auditors and controllers who have served at least 5 years, were inspectors by the Minister of Culture and Tourism until 31 December 2020. or be appointed to the chief inspector staff. The number of those appointed in this way will not exceed 20.

The name of the Samarkand University of Science and Civilization, founded by the Hacegan Foundation in Istanbul, will be changed to “Istanbul University of Health and Technology”.

In case of any force majeure, it can be decided by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to defer or installment the financial obligations or declarations listed in the Mining Law by taking the opinion of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. In this case, the timeout related to financial liabilities will stop and the deprivation periods will not work in the delay period.

For the implementation of this provision, the force majeure will have to be known or must be proved or documented by those concerned. The Ministry will be authorized to declare a force majeure condition for those who are subjected to region, province, district, locality or disaster due to situations considered as force majeure and to identify those that cannot be fulfilled from financial obligations during this period.

BES possibility in foreign currency

Documentation costs and exam fees will continue to be covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund until December 31, 2021, in occupations that are dangerous and very dangerous and are successful in the communiqués issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

Provisions regarding the Unemployment Insurance Law and the Tradesmen Pension Fund included in the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law will not be implemented until January 1, 2021.

Get permission to go through with citizens who do not reside in Turkey who lost their Turkish citizenship, foreign currency denominated Individual Retirement System (BES) could be included.

The President will be empowered to reduce the state contribution up to 10 percent for the shares paid to the PPS in foreign currency.

35 billion lira resource to credit guarantee institutions

The authority of the Treasury and Finance Minister to transfer cash resources to credit guarantee institutions or to issue special government bonds will increase from 25 billion liras to 35 billion liras.

The minister will be authorized to add up to 35 billion lira to existing or newly opened schemes of the Undersecretariat budget for the cash transfer or the special scheme to be issued.

Obligation to notify members of the association

By making amendments in the Law on Associations, it is obligatory to notify members of the associations’ board of directors and supervisory board, as well as members. Citizens whose association memberships are accepted or expired will be notified within 30 days.

The associations will report the name, surname, date of birth and identity number of the members, who continue their membership within 6 months, to the administrative authority. An administrative fine of 500 lira will be imposed on the executives of the association who have not followed this notification.

According to the Associations Law and the Turkish Civil Code, all kinds of records, jobs and transactions related to associations can be made electronically.

Renewable energy

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, renewable energy resources by taking the opinions of institutions and organizations, choosing the location of public and Treasury immovable and private property for the purpose of efficient and efficient use of renewable energy resources and allocation of these areas and connection capacities to investors. will create the fields.

This will be annotated to the land register. In 3 years from the date of the annotation, the document to be obtained from the court indicating that the request for “registration request on behalf of the Treasury” has been made in accordance with the relevant provision in the Expropriation Law, and this annotation will be deleted from the registry officially.

Impressive development plans for the use and efficiency of renewable energy resource areas will not be prepared. The renewable energy resource areas identified will be notified to the relevant authorities by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, to be entered into the zoning plans ex officio.

Determination of the renewable energy resource areas for electricity generation by taking the opinions of the relevant institutions and organizations, rating, protection, use, determining the conditions to be sought in the legal persons who will use these fields, giving opinion about the connection and system usage by TEİAŞ or the related distribution company and allocating capacity, will be regulated by the regulation issued.

The same contest will be determined by this regulation, the allocation of renewable energy resource area, taking collateral, recording the collateral in case of non-fulfillment of the obligations, the features of the domestic conditional use and the procedures and principles regarding the implementation.

The lowest price to be offered over the ceiling price to be determined in Turkish lira by the ministry for the production facilities to be established in renewable energy resource areas will be implemented within the scope of the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism for the period to be determined in the competition conditions for that renewable energy resource area.

The procedures and principles regarding the updating of the price to be formed as a result of the competition within the period to be determined in the competition conditions will be determined by the Ministry in the competition specifications. For the production facilities to be established within the scope of this article, the conditions related to associate and licensing, cancellation and amendment will be regulated by the regulation issued by EMRA.

Urgent expropriation can be made

If the immovable subject to private property is determined as a renewable energy resource area, rush expropriation can be made on these areas.

In case the regions determined within the scope of the Industrial Zones Law are also designated as renewable energy sources, other necessary operations will be carried out in accordance with this law, except for the determination of legal persons to whom these areas will be allocated. Legal entities who will use these areas will be determined by the ministry.

The procedures and principles regarding the evaluation of tariffs applied to support electricity generation based on renewable energy sources and other revenues within the scope of the RES Support Mechanism will be regulated by the regulation issued by EMRA.

Regulation on ‘divorce and annulment of marriage’

Amendments are also made in the Law on the Population Services Law on “divorce and annulment of marriage”.

Accordingly, in the event that one of the parties is dead or foreign, the decisions made by the judicial or administrative authorities of the foreign country regarding the divorce, the nullity of the marriage, the cancellation of the marriage or the determination of whether it exists or not, if the other party or his / her Turkish citizen applies alone, and Turkish On the condition that it is not clearly contrary to public order, it can be registered in the population registry.

Minimum wage support

With the provisional article added to the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, employers will be provided with a minimum wage support of 2.50 liras daily and 75 lira monthly by deducting the insurance premium to be paid by the Unemployment Insurance Fund in all of 2020, regardless of the sector.

Prime principal daily earnings will be based on 256 lira for workplaces belonging to private sector employers who are subject to collective bargaining agreements in accordance with the Trade Unions and Collective Labor Agreement Law.

The provisions of this article, if the monthly premium and service certificate or the concise and premium service declaration and the long term insurance branches are notified below the number of insured in the month / period in which the minimum insurance notification is made in the month / period under support of this article. will not apply.

The establishment of a putative transaction facility in order to take advantage of the contribution of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, such as shifting employment, changing business ownership in private enterprises, such as opening an existing business under a different name and title, or as a business unit, or having direct or indirect partnership relationships to retain management and control. The amount covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, which is understood to have been found to be insufficient or that the insured reported under-earning their premiums for January / December 2020 / period, will be recovered together with the delay penalty and the delay increase.

The employers did not submit their monthly premium and service documents or concise and premium service declarations for the insured they employ from January to December of 2020 within the legal period, they did not pay the insurance premiums within the legal period, they did not report the persons employed by the officers in charge of inspection and control as insured or Minimum wage support will not be provided in cases where the notified insured actually works, determining the premium, administrative fines and related delay penalty and overdue debt.

However, employers who premiums and installments for the premiums, administrative fines and delay penalties related to them, and delay hike debts will benefit from minimum wage support as long as this deferment and installment continues.

In cases where the insurance premiums belonging to the insured and employer shares are covered by the state, if the insurance premium to be paid by the employer is less than the amount to be covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the offset will be made only as much as the insurance premium debt.

The daily earnings for the insured working underground in the workplaces where lignite and hard coal are extracted will be 341 pounds and the total number of premium payment days for the insured reported in the monthly premium and service documents given in 2020.


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