Avalanche warning for Trabzon, Rize and Erzincan


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After heavy snowfall in Trabzon, an avalanche warning came from the Governorship of Trabzon. Rize and Erzincan Governorate also warned citizens against avalanche danger.

In the written statement made by the Governorship of Trabzon, “Our citizens should be careful and cautious against the adverse events that may occur due to the risk of falling avalanches in areas with steep slopes in high areas, and that they do not travel to high areas, hamlets and plateaus. The issue is announced to the public with great importance and respect “.

A warning was made against avalanche danger and adverse weather conditions in Rize. In a written statement from the Rize Governorate, according to the latest information from Meteorology, it was stated that a yellow warning was given for Rize.

It was noted that there is an avalanche danger in the high parts of the city, in places with steep slope and high snow cover, and it was noted that caution should be taken with caution since the avalanche danger will continue until Friday, February 14.

In the statement, citizens were asked not to travel to highlands, plateaus and hamlets, the following statements were made:

“In addition, due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions throughout our city, it is important for the safety of life and property to avoid the traffic unless it is mandatory, to prefer public transportation vehicles when necessary, to have traffic with vehicles with winter tires if necessary.”

Meteorological warning was issued by the Erzincan Governorship and attention was paid to avalanche danger.

The meteorological warning included the following information:

“According to the data received from the 12th Regional Directorate of the Meteorology General Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, there is a high risk of avalanches for steep slopes in our city from 11.00 to 14.00 on February 14, 2020. Our citizens should be careful and cautious against possible risks because there is an avalanche danger in places with high areas with high snow cover. “


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