Arreaza denounces the United States for crimes against humanity before the Hague Court


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza traveled to The Hague, the Netherlands, to present to the International Criminal Court (ICC) what for the Government of Venezuela are crimes against humanity committed by the United States against the people of the South American country.

Unilateral coercive measures that have intensified with the administration of Donald Trump prevent Venezuela’s free access to the international market.

Arreaza explained that the document they presented to the ICC has data that reveals the illegality of the US coercive measures against their country.

“It is a rigorous document, which has statistical data, has facts. It is based on legal reasons, on the jurisdiction that the International Criminal Court has to investigate, to prosecute, to determine responsibility for the damages that have been done to the Venezuelan people.” he declared.

For the analyst Orlando Romero Harrington, the presence of Jorge Arreaza in the Hague precincts contravenes the line that the travel ban, which travels across the entire planet of the Venezuelan government official through the US, wants to implement.
“The mere presence of Arreaza denouncing the imperialist aggressions against Venezuela in that space, is a psychological blow to all the intentions of US intelligence agencies to isolate Venezuela, especially media, internationally,” said the analyst.


President Alejandro Giammattei was criminally denounced on suspicion of crimes by forming the Presidential Commission Against Corruption.


The Movement To Socialism prepares a strategy against judicial persecution for the elections of May 3 next.


Government gives the FARC until July to deliver all its goods.

These and other issues in this edition of ‘500 million’.


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