Armed with a chopper, he threatens to burn alive the occupant of an apartment in Paris and steals it


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A resident of the 18th arrondissement of Paris was the victim of an attack on his home on February 23. After breaking into the apartment, the attacker threatened to burn him and robbed him.

An individual armed with a chopper infiltrated an apartment in the 18th arrondissement of Paris on February 23. Its occupant was awakened by noise around 7 a.m., according to Actu17.

The malefactor entered the apartment, located on the ground floor, breaking the door. He then threatened the occupier with a chopper.

Threat from the flames

According to the victim, the attacker forced him to settle on the sofa and, attempting to burn a cushion, threatened to burn him alive in the event that he tried to flee or did not allow himself to be done .

He then searched the apartment for several tens of minutes before finding jewelry.

State of shock

It was about an hour later that the attacker finally left the scene. The victim, in shock and slightly injured in the hand, was taken in charge by the emergency services. The police were alerted.

An investigation, entrusted to the territorial security, aims inter alia to determine the damage of the flight.


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