Argentine Government agrees with teachers unions a 23% salary increase


BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – The Argentine Government and the five teachers unions agreed to a minimum wage increase for educators of 23,000 pesos (360 dollars) from next month, and 25,000 pesos (392 dollars) from July, which It represents an increase of 13.5 and 23.4% respectively in the first half.

Education Minister Nicol├ís Trotta announced a “minimum national teaching salary of 23,000 pesos as of March 1, 2020, and a sum of 25,000 pesos as of July 1,” during a press conference on Wednesday.
In this way, the minimum salary of teachers increases 13.5% in March and will reach an increase of 23.4% from July.
In addition, the Ministry of Education will be responsible for the payment of an extraordinary sum of 4,840 pesos (76 dollars) in four equal and consecutive installments as of April.

The agreement was reached in the first meeting held by the unions and authorities of the Ministry of Education and Labor five days from the beginning of the school year, in what is known as national peers.

“This first meeting is linked to the challenge that Argentina must face in the progressive process of educational investment,” said the head of Education during the press conference that also had the participation of his work partner, Claudio Moroni.
The nationally established framework serves as a guideline for the rest of the provinces, which can join the agreement or negotiate their own increases with the provincial unions.
The largest union, the Confederation of Education Workers (Ctera), in addition to the Confederation of Argentine Educators (CEA), the Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop), the Argentine Teachers Union (UDA) and participated in the national parity the Technical Teaching Teachers Association (AMET).

The national parity (negotiations) were held continuously since 2006, enshrined in the Education Financing Law enacted that year, until 2017, when the Government of former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) chose to suspend them.

The inflation of the last year year reached 52.9%, according to official figures.


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