Apple reopens store in Shanghai tomorrow


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The American technology giant, “Apple” announced on Friday that it will reopen one of its seven retail stores in Shanghai, China, starting tomorrow, Saturday, after weeks of closing, due to fears of the new Corona virus.

But the company said in a statement, that it will be accompanied by the opening of the branch in Shanghai, the reduced working hours for employees, according to Agency Reuters.
Apple’s announcement came one day after its decision to reopen a few of its stores in the Chinese capital, Beijing, starting on Friday, February 14.

The company “Apple” extended the closure of its stores in China until last week, due to the “Corona” virus, while working to open its offices and service centers in the country.

The Chinese authorities announced today, Friday, that the number of deaths of the new “Corona” virus across the country has increased to 1,380, while the infections exceeded 63 thousand cases.

“As of midnight on February 12, the Health Affairs Committee of China had received information from 31 provinces about 63,851 confirmed cases of coronavirus, (including 10,204 in critical condition), and 1,380 deaths,” the Chinese National Health Commission said in a statement. .

The World Health Organization confirmed yesterday that it is “too early” to announce any conclusions about the peak of the Coruna virus and what stages are taking place.

Whereas, this week, WHO director Tedros Adhanom Gebresus confirmed that the Coruna virus was a “very serious threat” to the world, despite the fact that 99 percent of cases were in China.


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