American back on Earth after longest space flight ever by …


328 days. The American astronaut Christina Koch stayed in the International Space Station ISS for so long. A world record: a woman has never spent such a long time in space.

A Soyuz MS13 landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan yesterday morning at 10.12 am Belgian time. On board were the 41-year-old Koch, an Italian and a Russian.

Koch spent 328 days in the ISS. In that period, she turned no less than 5,248 times around our planet and covered 220 million kilometers. Either 291 times a return Earth-Moon. The previous residence record for a woman was 289 days since 2017 in the name of Peggy Whitson.

The American conducted six space walks, good for a total stay of 42 hours and 15 minutes in the absolute vacuum. She wrote history in October when she and her American colleague Jessica Meir de very first exclusively female space walk ever made.

Just before her departure from the space station, Koch had sent another tweet about what she would miss most about space. “The wonderful beauty of the Earth and of this miracle that his beautiful people have built.”



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