America wants to spend its money on fighting ISIL from Iraq!


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A US diplomat said that if Iraqis insisted on withdrawing their troops, they would have to pay for all US casualties during the war with ISIL (a banned terrorist group in Russia).

Karine Sasahara, the US embassy staffer in Amman, denied any Jordanian hosting of US troops if she left Iraq, according to al-Alam.

In an interview with reporters, the US official denied any talks between Washington and Amman to host the US troops, and said of the Iraqi parliament’s resolution: “US presence in Iraq was not at the request of parliament, which ended with another resolution. Find out. ”

Sasahara also claimed, “Our presence in Iraq is necessary to maintain the security of Iraq and the entire region, and the withdrawal of American forces at the expense of Iraq, turning it into a field for implementing Iranian plans.”

The US official in Jordan described the terrorist forces in Iraq as “guarantors of democracy” and threatened Iraq with a civil war: “If these forces leave Iraq, chaos and destruction, like what happened in Syria, in Iraq “It will happen too; in addition, all Iraqi assets in the US will be blocked.”

“If Baghdad insists on withdrawing our troops, it should pay for all the damage the US military suffered during the liberation of Iraq and the salvation of the country from the Islamic caliphate,” he added.

Iraq’s parliament, as its highest body, on January 5th, voted 2 out of 5 to withdraw foreign troops from Iraq. Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has also backed the bill.


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