America evacuates its citizens from the quarantine “Diamond Princess” because of Corona


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The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that the US State Department will evacuate some American citizens and their families from the Japan Quarantine Diamond Princess, which is confirmed to have infected more than 200 on board with the new Corona virus.

The newspaper, quoting an official at the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that about 380 people will be provided with seats on two evacuation flights from Japan to the United States.

It quoted Henry Walker, director of the Centers for Preparedness and Emerging Diseases Center at the centers, as saying that evacuees would arrive in the United States on Sunday at the earliest.

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could not be reached for comment. It was also not possible to obtain comment from officials of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs, according to “Reuters”.

The Diamond Princess, owned by Carnival Corp, was quarantined for two weeks upon arrival in Yokohama on February 3 after it was confirmed that a man on board and had landed in Hong Kong was infected with the virus.

There are about 3,500 people on board the ship, of whom 218 are confirmed to be infected with Corona.

Those who were infected were taken to hospital.


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