Alonso believes Hamilton will win the title again this year


Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso, photo: McLaren

Fernando Alonso believes Lewis Hamilton will win the Formula One title this year. According to the Spaniard, from the tests seen so far, the Mercedes car again looks very strong, which gives the British a great chance to grab his 7th crown.

Alonso himself gave up F1 after the end of 2018. However, he has repeatedly said that with a good deal he could return in the future. It was announced last night that Fernando will be participating for the third time in the 500 miles of Indianapolis. The Spaniard will compete for the McLaren SP-Chevrolet (AMSP) team, backed by McLaren Racing.

Asked if Hamilton would win the title this year, Alonso replied, “I think so. Looking at the tests, it looks like they are very competitive in the Mercedes and show again huge development potential. In Formula 1, it is impossible to predict what will happen. But for starters, I think they (in Mercedes) are the favorites. ”

Regarding Mercedes’ innovative DAS steering system, Fernando commented: “Only in the team do they know exactly what it does to the car and what its benefits are.

But I guess it’s not that big of a factor. It’s not like DRS, F-duct or anything that gives you half a second on a tour. However, it is more like a demonstration from Mercedes to everyone else that they are not resting and on top in the team.

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