Alexandra de Taddeo “supports” Pavlenski and explained his role in the dissemination of Griveaux’s X videos


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The companion of Piotr Pavlenski, Alexandra de Taddeo, confirmed that Benjamin Griveaux had indeed sent him sex videos in 2018, writes Le Parisien. However, she claims not to know how her current companion, M.Pavlenski, took hold of these images.

While the Russian refugee Piotr Pavlenski chose to remain silent in front of the investigators of the brigade of repression of the delinquency with the person (BRDP), his partner, Alexandra de Taddeo, 29 years old, decided to speak.
Thus, she confirmed that the X videos had been sent to her in 2018 by Benjamin Griveaux, with whom she had an affair, says Le Parisien. Since then, she had kept them on her phone. This law student, however, claims to be unaware of how her current companion, Piotr Pavlenski, was able to obtain the images in question.

She is not “a victim”

In addition, Alexandra de Taddeo denies her participation in the dissemination of these videos. But it does not “dissociate” from the choice of M.Pavlenski and “supports”, informs Le Parisien.

“She does not present herself as a victim,” a source close to the file told the newspaper, which contradicts the words of her father interviewed by France Info, for whom her daughter was “either unconscious or she was manipulated. “.

As for the Russian, he should have acted alone. “He’s a lone wolf. What he did completely corresponds to his radical vision of political art, ”says a man who rubbed shoulders with him, quoted by Le Parisien.

Broadcast of X videos

Piotr Pavlenski, Russian “artist” with political refugee status in France, claimed the broadcast on February 13 of X messages and videos involving Benjamin Griveaux. The latter immediately withdrew his candidacy for mayor of Paris. In addition, Mr Pavlenski told BFM TV that other videos concerning other politicians would follow. On February 16, he was taken into police custody. His partner Alexandra de Taddeo was also arrested.
According to the prosecution, she was taken into police custody for “invasion of privacy” and “dissemination without the person’s consent of sexual images”, as part of the open investigation February 15 following the filing of a complaint by the former candidate for mayor of Paris.

The Russian “artist” obtained political asylum in France in May 2017 only. However, barely six months after obtaining his refugee status, he was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended, for burning down a branch of the Banque de France.


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