Al-Houthi: The World Food Program begins spending cash in Sanaa this week


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A member of the political council of the “Ansar Allah” group, “Houthis”, Muhammad Ali Al Houthi, announced the start of the work of the World Food Program in cash in the capital, Sanaa, during this week.

In a tweet via his Twitter account, Al Houthi said: “The World Food Program will start cashing (in cash) in the capital, Sanaa, during this week, adding:” We hope to cover all those in need in the Republic of Yemen successively. ”

The World Food Program was announced Increasing his cash assistance to Yemen Gradually it reaches 1 million people in 2019.

Through this system, people receive monthly cash transfers equivalent to US $ 12 per person, which will pump liquidity into the local economy.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a military alliance from Arab and Islamic countries, in support of the internationally recognized Yemeni government, in its effort to restore the capital, Sanaa, and large areas in northern and western Yemen, which the group took control of in late 2014, and in return, the Ansar Allah group carries out aircraft attacks Unmanned aerial vehicles, ballistic missiles, and booby-trapped boats target Saudi and Yemeni forces inside Yemen and inside the Kingdom’s territories.


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