Ajax O15 wins mini Classic with large numbers


Ajax O15 has convincingly won the mini Classic with Feyenoord. The young Ajax players outwit their rivals by no less than 6-1. Ajax O19 also won on Saturday. The exhibition game with Australia O20 was won 4-0. Ajax O16 and Ajax O17 experienced less success. With the former team still tie 3-3 against Vitesse, Ajax lost O17 2-0 to FC Utrecht.

FT | Ajax O19 – Australia O20 (4-0)

Ajax has won a practice match with Australia O20 4-0 at Sportpark de Toekomst. On behalf of Ajax, Damjan Dostanic (twice), Filip Frei and Max de Waal were accurate.

Ajax O19 was the better match from the kick-off. They were soon expected to take the lead, but a goal from Dostanic was rejected due to offside. Joshua Pynadath tried it from a distance, but the Australian keeper was able to save. De Waal was also close to the opening goal, although he hit the post. In the end it was 1-0 just before the break. At the request of Donny Warmerdam, Dostanic was able to open the score after he managed to upset two defenders.

Shortly after the break it became 2-0 for Ajax. A pass from Frei was brought in by Dostanic and so Ajax was able to expand its lead. Moments later Frei himself was also accurate. The right back, who played as an offside player after the break, neatly put in a Terrence Douglas cross at the second post. The final agreement was then for De Waal. The midfielder managed to score a free kick from the edge of the penalty area. Shortly before time, Kik Braspenning was close to a fifth Ajax goal, but the Australian goalie managed to save the Ajax player’s shot.

Setting up Ajax O19:

Test player; Frei (Tasci 80 ‘), Solomons, Musampa, Douglas; Warmerdam, De Waal (Pynadath 77 ‘), Rensch (Llansana 46’), Pynadath (Van der Sloot 46 ‘), Dostanic (Braspenning 71’), Tasci (Karahasanovic 71 ‘).


1-0 Damjan Dostanic (45 ‘)
2-0 Damjan Dostanic (58 ‘)
3-0 Filip Frei (70 ‘)
4-0 Max de Waal (76 ‘)

FT | Vitesse O16 – Ajax O16 (3-3)

Setting up Ajax O16:

De Graaff; Camara, Gooijer, Chourak, Bohemia; Aning, Jermoumi, Misehouy; Hlynsson, Bobson; Rijkhoff.

Ajax O16 substitutes:

Banel, Chahid, Klasen, Oughcha, Viereck, Jansen.


0-1 Julian Rijkhoff (1 ‘)
0-2 Gabriel Misehouy (50 ‘)
1-2 Vitesse O16 (70 ‘)
2-2 Vitesse O16 (71 ‘)
3-2 Vitesse O16 (75 ‘)
3-3 Neal Viereck (80 ‘)

2.30 p.m. FC Utrecht O17 – Ajax O17 (2-0)

Ajax O17 had a disappointing afternoon. When visiting FC Utrecht O17, the team of Dave Vos lost 2-0. The young Ajax players, despite leaving Utrecht without goals, were regularly dangerous, but carelessness ensured that the home team could score. The Utrecht players were mainly dangerous in the switchover, which ultimately resulted in the disappointing 2-0 score for Ajax.

Setting up Ajax O17:

Van den Heuvel; Dakriet, Aertssen, Hillen, Dirksen; Yah (Karahasanovic (62 ‘), Fitz-Jim (Van Axel Dongen 46’), Campaign; Sarfo (Braspenning 77 ‘), Rasmussen, Martha.

Ajax O17 substitutes:

Oostwoud, Van Axel Dongen, Braspenning, Karahasanovic, De Graaff


1-0 FC Utrecht O17 (16 ‘)
2-0 FC Utrecht O17 (83 ‘)

FT | Ajax O15 – Feyenoord O15 (6-1)

Ajax O15 has won the mini Classic against the peers of Feyenoord with convincing figures. At home at its own Sportpark De Toekomst, the team won 6-1 against the rivals from Rotterdam. The great man on the Amsterdam side was David Kalokoh, who produced a hat trick. Mohamed Hamouchi was also good with two goals on Saturday afternoon.

During the opening phase of the game, both teams merged with each other. Kalokoh did give Ajax the lead, but through Jaden Slory the players from Rotterdam came to the same level. Ajax distanced itself from Feyenoord thanks to two hits from Hamouchi before the break.

After half time Ajax O15 no longer ran into problems. In fact, the team got off to a good start because Kalokoh managed to put both 4-1 and 5-1 on the scoreboard after ten minutes in the second half. Then it was a matter of playing the match. And that is what Ajax O15 did, but not before substitute Xavi Woudstra determined the final result of 6-1 about seven minutes before the final whistle.

Setting up Ajax O15:

Sturgeon; Turner (Henry 41 ‘), Verschuren, Agougil, Bierens; Gorter, Vos (Woudstra 53 ‘), Speknijder (Voute 57’); Hamouchi (Egah 70 ‘), Gesser (Van Driel 57’), Kalokoh.

Ajax O15 substitutes:

Mateyo, Woudstra, Van Driel, Egah, Henry, Voute.


1-0 David Kalokoh (18 ‘)
1-1 Jaden Slory (25 ‘)
2-1 Mohamed Hamouchi (32 ‘)
3-1 Mohamed Hamouchi (43 ‘)
4-1 David Kalokoh (47 ‘)
5-1 David Kalokoh (55 ‘)
6-1 Xavi Woudstra (73 ‘)

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