Agents concerned about faltering radios in a renewed communication system


The ACP police union and the central works council of the police have raised the issue with the police force today. He acknowledges that not everything works well yet, but says that a little was already taken into account because C2000 is such a large system. Tens of thousands of care providers need to be able to communicate with each other and with the emergency room 24 hours a day.


A lot of work is being done on technical adjustments and updates, says a spokesperson. According to her, things are going well in many places, but there are still problems in the east of the Netherlands, among others. At such places, agents always go on the road together.

Gerrit van de Kamp from the ACP also says that they work hard day and night to resolve the difficulties. But they have been going on for eight days now, he says, and that shouldn’t be much longer.

Fewer notifications

The Ministry of the Interior, which includes the police, says that all reports are taken seriously. Since the last updates, the number of reports would decrease.


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