After the shortage of Flanders: the federal level is rich in wind energy, says Groen


According to Minister Marghem, the federal level will “absolutely” reach the target, she responded in “Villa Politica”. “These are preliminary calculations of my administration. Calculations that I still have to validate. It shows that we are not yet fully achieving the federal target. We will see how this can be compensated with the surplus in Wallonia. Moreover, the wind farms will still finished and the amount of wind is also a parameter. ” In other words: we’ll see at the end of this year.

The minister also said that the owners of the wind farms will be contacted today to ask if an acceleration is possible. But that is virtually impossible, says Annemie Vermeylen of the Belgian Offshore Platform. “The parks have already been built at a record pace and it has been fully agreed with the government that these parks will be running at full power by 2020. There is a very small margin: if the weather permits exceptionally, it is possible that certain turbines can be installed faster. ”

Purchases from other Member States are currently out of the question, according to the minister.


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