After the Italian League … will Corona postpone the postponement of European championship matches?


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The Italian authorities decided to postpone four games in the Italian Serie A soccer club were scheduled, today, Sunday, along with an international match for women in rugby due to fears of the spread of Corona virus.

The Italian government said In a statementYesterday, Saturday, it decided to postpone Inter Milan, Sampdoria and Atlanta matches with Sassuolo and Elas Verona in the face of Cagliari to a later date that was not specified.

In a statement, Turin club said that its match scheduled on Sunday at home against Parma was also postponed.

Thus, the program of the first Italian league matches today includes only two games, one between Lazio and Genoa on the last ground and the second between Rome and Lecce in the capital, Rome.

Italy faces the most widespread spread of the Corona virus in Europe so far, and has announced the death of two people in the north since Friday, as well as more than 100 people infected with the virus.

As part of the government’s efforts to combat the spread of the disease, the authorities closed schools and universities and canceled some activities in the most affected areas.

It is scheduled that Inter Milan, the third Italian league, will meet with its Bulgarian guest Ludogorets in the second round of the European League next Thursday, a match that faces the risk of postponement as well.

La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper said the match might be held behind closed doors.

Napoli is scheduled to host Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League round 16 next Tuesday, but there was no indication that the meeting could be postponed.

The newspaper reported that “the Italian Football Confederation today Sunday has formed a working group to analyze the situation.”

Ascoli’s match against Cremonese in Serie A was postponed on Saturday, one hour before its launch, due to the fears of the Corona virus, too.

A third-degree match between Piacenza and Sampnidisi was also postponed, along with several youth and amateur matches in the Lombardy region.


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