After sparking controversy in Parliament … a British lawmaker put her dress up for sale


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Tracy Braben, a member of the British Parliament, raised more than $ 26,000 to charities by selling a bare shoulder dress on the website “eBay”, which had sparked controversy when Rabin wore it in Parliament last week.

Rabin, a shadow minister in Britain’s main opposition party, raised funds for the Girl Guides Association in the United Kingdom.

180 shows

The dress, which was out of stock in the ASOS online store, in the wake of the social media buzz, received 180 shows on eBay.

And Rabin, a former actress, was She was criticized Sharp on “Twitter” last week after appearing in the House of Commons wearing a black dress.

Immediately, the member of Parliament commented on the criticism on Twitter, describing the comments as being sexual in nature.

Our duty to tackle sexual discrimination

During her appearance on a TV talk show, she said that focusing on her clothes was “ridiculous” but added, “It is our duty to address daily sexual discrimination.”

In another television appearance, Rabin said, “The erotic comments were very shocking and of a sexual nature.”

And about her dress being put on sale for charity, the British politician said she chose to raise money for the Girl Scouts Association because of the association’s “tremendous” work in helping to develop young girls ’confidence and self-esteem – something that could be particularly affected by social media.


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