After days of floating around, the Dutch cruise ship can dock in a Thai port


The ship has 1455 passengers and 802 crew members, including 91 Dutchmen. Fearing the corona virus, the ship was allowed from the Holland-America Line not dock in Japan, therefore, it roamed the East China Sea.

The Westerdam was in Hong Kong at the beginning of this month. One person on board suspected it was infected, but no one was in quarantine on the ship.


The Diamond Princess example has made many countries wary of cruise ships. The people on board that ship, which is located near Japan, are in quarantine. Certainly there 130 people the virus.

There are five Dutch people on board, one of them seeing the situation become more and more worrying, he told RTL News. “There are now 100 cars on the quay outside to take people away.” As far as is known, none of the five Dutch people is infected.


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