After a train accident … Italian rail unions organize a strike


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The Italian rail unions announced today, Thursday, a two-hour general strike tomorrow (Friday), for workers in the industry “because of the exceptional seriousness of the (train) accident as a sign of respect for human life.”

Rome – Sputnik. The Italian rail workers’ strike will begin on Friday at 12:00 [14.00 بتوقيت موسكو] It lasts two hours. According to the trade unions, representatives of all industrial companies working at the national and local levels will participate.
It is noteworthy that a high-speed train, traveling from Milan to Salerno, on Thursday morning, derailed near the city of Lodi in northern Italy, which led to the overturning of two cars and the death of the train drivers in addition to wounding 31 people. The public prosecutor’s office in Lodi has opened an investigation into the case of the two deaths as a result of the accident. Law organs continue to investigate the causes that led to the accident.

The Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, expressed his condolences for the death of two railway workers, stressing that they had died while at the head of their work. He called on the President of the State to reveal the causes of the accident quickly in order to guarantee the right of citizens to provide safety in transportation.


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