Administration of Migration: 7 thousand 898 foreign terrorist fighters were deported


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Stating that they have sent many foreign terrorist fighters to their countries until today, Abdullah Ayaz, Director General of Migration Management, said, “We have expelled 7 thousand 898 foreign terrorist fighters from 102 different nationalities since 2011. 75 of them have been EU citizens since the Peace Spring Operation. 229 foreign terrorist fighters were deported, “he said.

General Manager of Migration Management Abdullah Ayaz, He stated that important efforts were made in the fight against irregular migration last year, and the number of irregular migrants caught in 2018 reached 264 thousand in 2019, reaching 454 thousand.

Stating that the measures related to irregular migration are increased every year, Ayaz stated that they have moved to a new stage related to irregular migration in Istanbul since 12 July 2019.
Stating that more than 118 thousand irregular migrants were caught in Istanbul last year, Ayaz said: “This figure is 28 thousand in 2018. Unfortunately, the problems in the geographies that cause irregular migration continue. A significant portion of the irregular migrants coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan are still coming. Therefore, we estimate that the irregular migrant arrivals will continue from this year, though not as high as last year.” he spoke.

Migration, Turkey, not all the world’s problems and pointed out that the fact that frosty, said:

“There are different migration movements all over the world. As long as this welfare and income injustice continues throughout the world, irregular migration movements will continue. But we believe that we have come to a good position at this point. We believe that we have established a good migration management and that we can manage this business every year. We hope that we will continue this struggle by managing better this year as well. We have seen in this process that the western countries, which are exposed to much less of our figures, have serious problems. “

‘The figures about the indifference of Syrians do not reflect the truth’

Stating that the fact that 1.5 million indifferent Syrians live in Istanbul frequently does not reflect the truth, Ayaz continued as follows:

“The number of Syrians who are not registered in Istanbul is 7 thousand. Currently, our fight against irregular migration continues in Istanbul. At the point we have arrived, the indifferent Syrian has not emerged. The figures regarding the indifference of Syrians are definitely not the truth. The Syrians in our country are under registration. According to this, a very serious relief regarding irregular migrants was achieved in 2019. Our goal is to make Istanbul a center of attraction for irregular migrants.

Frosty, giving information on the Syrians in Turkey “Currently, there are 3 million 573 thousand Syrians in our country. The number of Syrians who have returned to the regions we have removed from terrorism has exceeded 395 thousand. The returns continue. We also have a return after the Peace Spring Operation. We expect this number to increase in the coming period.” used expressions.

’94 thousand foreigners were banned from entry ‘

Ayaz, who also gave information about foreign terrorist fighters, “Since 2011, we have expelled 7 898 foreign terrorist fighters from 102 different nationalities. Since the Peace Spring Operation, 229 foreign terrorist fighters, 75 of which are EU citizens, have been deported. 94 thousand of 150 nationalities considered to be linked to terrorist organizations ban on entry to foreigners applied “ made the evaluation.

Stressing that they are determined to send foreign terrorist fighters to their countries, Ayaz continued as follows:

“Whether the interested countries want to recruit foreign terrorist fighters or not, they will have their returns. This is the main responsibility of the countries. The decision of the United Nations Security Council also points to this. There are signatures regarding both the blocking of travel of foreign terrorist fighters and the readmission of those who have traveled. There is a text under it. In international law, countries have to fulfill this requirement. We have successfully carried out this process. In the coming period, foreign terrorist fighters will continue to return to their countries. It is not acceptable to try to leave them in our country in any way. We do not welcome any effort. We have stressed our determination on this issue so far. In the upcoming period, the relevant countries will take these individuals. Until now, there have been people from the EU countries who say “we will not buy.”


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