Activists set up camp in London in solidarity with Assange


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LONDON (Sputnik) – Activists of different nationalities have set up a protest camp and in solidarity with Julian Assange before the Woolwich Court gate, where the trial on his extradition to the United States takes place.

“It is important to support freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the right to know the truth,” Alberto Cerda, a Colombian father who has been mobilizing in defense of human rights, told Sputnik.

About ten tents were standing on the mud of a narrow strip of grass between the road and the perimeter of the judicial complex, which also places the maximum security prison in Belmarsh, where the founder of WikiLeaks is held.

“It is important that Julian is not sent to the US, he is not an American nor has he committed any crime,” said Tom Marwick, a compatriot of the Australian journalist.

Marwick set up his shop on February 23 as an anticipation of the intensification of the protest this week of court hearings in Woolwich.

Its shelter of cloth drips, it is cold and very humid and does not have a stove to make a coffee. But he plans to endure the weather until the first phase of the trial is over, predictably on Friday 28.
“The judicial system has completely failed Julian; they are abusing him and mistreating him,” the Australian added.
Richard Smith, a Londoner from this neighborhood east of the Greenwich meridian, wears an orange diver under another yellow in which he has attached tags in support of Assange.

“We were told that Brexit means regaining democratic control and the Boris Johnson government should prove it by curbing extradition and freeing Assange, because if it does not it will become Donald Trump’s lapdog,” said activist and candidate by the Liberal-Democratic Party in a district town hall.

Some comment on the good atmosphere of the camp, where about a hundred members of the French “yellow vests” and visitors from Belgium, Austria or Ireland arrived, in addition to regular supporters.
They had a setback on the second day of wrestling in Woolwich because the electric generator stopped working a few hours after release and they were left without taking a tasty dish or, at least hot, like pumpkin soup and chili with soybeans that prepared the previous day a Brazilian volunteer.
They are also concerned about the order of silence issued by the Assange legal team in view of the bad sound inside the courthouse.

Shouts, slogans and police sirens of the protesters themselves are heard in the courtroom, Assange himself warned, complaining that he has a hard time concentrating on procedural proceedings.

“They have asked us to only make noise at recesses or at least lower our tone while the defense presents its case,” said Cerda between distressed and understanding.
The activist regained his spirits when Kristinn Hrafnsson, director of WikiLeaks, personally approached to thank them for their contribution and asked them to keep the protest energetic and moderately loud.
“We are not going to pause between the two phases of the trial,” Kelly Kolinks of the official campaign against extradition (DEA) confirmed to Sputnik.

Kolinks and a couple of colleagues installed, at the entrance to the prison, a sample of photographs of the initiative “We are millions and millions are one” (We are millions and millions are one).

The trial concludes its first phase on February 28 and resumes in May.

Both parties can appeal the decision made by this trial court.


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