Abu Dhabi court intervention: Payment of salary arrears of catering workers has been settled


Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi court intervened to pay the employees of Al Wasitha Catering Company the full dues. After a year and a half of suffering, a group of 123 Indians and workers from other countries, including Malayalees, returned home in September 2019. The plight of workers at the catering company in Abu Dhabi was in the news in January 2019 after the Jordanian brothers and their home owners withdrew. With the intervention of the Labor Ministry, the Mobile Court and the diplomatic missions of various countries, the company was ready to pay half its dues. About 300 workers had gone home in the first phase. But the rest of the workers appealed to the court demanding the payment of full benefits. The court ordered that the money be paid to each of them, but the company had to pay half of what was left because the company had no money.

But as the legal proceedings continued, the court ordered the full payment. The workers came to Abu Dhabi with their own visa and tickets and received a check from the court. The mobile court has charged Dh2.6 crore for more than 700 people. This was possible after a long legal battle of more than a year. The court received a total of Dh4 billion in compensation for over 1,000 workers of various nationalities, including cook, waiter, administrator and driver. In February, Dh30 lakh was distributed to 400 people and in September, Dh1 million was distributed. With half of the 762 people now paying Dh2.6 crore in arrears, the labor problem has been resolved. It had workers earning up to Dh1,000. Labor Court chief Abdullah Al Nuaimi said the priority was to protect workers’ rights. Workers, including Malayalees, are grateful for this decision that has come to light in the aftermath of the camp’s absence of food and water with an expired document.

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