Absence of Ronaldo in exhibition game gives South Koreans compensation NOW


Two South Korean football fans were favored by a judge in Seoul on Tuesday in their case against a company that had arranged a Juventus exhibition game in South Korea last summer. The two were angry because superstar Cristiano Ronaldo did not participate.

The judge ruled that the company The Fasta Inc had to pay damages to both fans of 371,000 (equivalent to more than 280 euros).

Juventus played a friendly game at the end of July in Seoul against the best players of the South Korean league (the K League). The Fasta had promised that Ronaldo would play at least a half, but the star of the Italian top club stayed on the bench the entire match.

“The Fasta has misled Ronaldo fans and caused psychological distress,” said Kim Min-ki, the lawyer who assisted the two South Koreans, to news agency Reuters. “For his fans, not playing Ronaldo meant losing a player they have admired all their lives.”

The 65,000 tickets for the Juventus game were sold out within three minutes. In the run-up to the game, the image of Ronaldo was widely used in advertisements.

The K League took out a few days after Ronaldo did not participate, he was already looking forward to Juventus. “The K League feels disappointed and fooled by the shameless behavior of Juventus,” the organization wrote in a statement. “We insist on apologies and explanation about the lack of Ronaldo.”

Cristiano Ronaldo made his fiftieth goal for Juventus last weekend. (Photo: Pro Shots)


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