Abbas adviser: “Whatever happens, the Palestinians will continue to oppose the” deal of the century “” – exclusive


The United States and Israel will face extreme difficulties in trying to achieve the “deal of the century” because the Palestinians reject it and will follow through on this Donald Trump plan, said Nabil Chaath, adviser of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview given exclusively to Sputnik.

It is imperative to discuss the Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories, supported by the United States, because it is the Israeli occupation which constitutes the problem, whereas the “agreement of the century” will not pass, indicated Nabil Chaath, foreign policy adviser to the Palestinian President, in an exclusive interview with Sputnik on the sidelines of the work of the Valdai discussion club taking place in Moscow.

The problem is the US-backed Israeli occupation

“Whatever happens, the Palestinians will continue to oppose the” deal of the century. ” We will hold elections after which the people and the administration will be even more united and we will continue to insist on the boycott of Israel and the United States. All in all, we will act within the framework of international law, because it is only in this way that we will be able to punish Israel for its aggressive policy and to put an end, therefore, definitively to the “agreement of the century” “, continued the interlocutor of the agency.

Boycott Israel and the USA

Referring to the boycott plan of Israel and the United States, Mahmoud Abbas’ adviser warned:

“If they start implementing the” deal of the century “, we simply will have no other choice. Until that happens, we try to resolve the problem through diplomatic channels, under the mediation of international organizations, including the United Nations and the Arab League. I want to emphasize that our main instrument of struggle today is not violence, but international law. “

Nabil Chaath also reacted positively to the initiative of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to organize negotiations on the Palestinian-Israeli settlement in the format of the International Quartet for the Middle East.

“We find this initiative very reasonable, which corresponds in principle to the proposals made by Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations,” he added.

While rejecting the Israeli-American peace plan, Mahmoud Abbas declares himself willing to conduct negotiations with Israel under the aegis of the International Quartet, composed of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, and set up to mediate in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

As for certain Arab countries which participated in one way or another in the “agreement of the century”, Mr. Chaath noted:

“In any case, the countries that have openly intervened against Trump’s plan, by supporting us, are far more numerous.”

He stressed that, against the backdrop of the Israeli blockade, the Arab League was providing political, diplomatic and financial support to Palestine.

The “deal of the century” will not pass

Donald Trump unveiled his “deal of the century” plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis in late January. Among other things, it provides for the maintenance of Jerusalem as the “indivisible capital” of Israel and the creation of the future Palestinian capital east of Jerusalem.

At the same time, Israel should keep the Palestinian territories occupied in the West Bank. The project was rejected by President Mahmoud Abbas, who also announced the breakdown of “all relations” with Israel and the United States.


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