A woman refrains from drinking water for a year … what happened to her



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There is, as yet, insufficient research on the benefits of dry fasting for long periods of up to a year, because not drinking water for long periods of time may cause serious complications, such as dehydration that may lead to imbalance, low blood pressure, kidney problems and urinary tract infections Kidney stones are.

While a lady named Sofia Patrick, 35, who lives on the Indonesian island of Bali, says: “This thing had good effects on her health, According to what I quoted About the British newspaper, “Metro”.
This lady works as a “yoga trainer” and nutritionist, noting that she resorted to “dry fasting”, although what she did violates all medical and health advice and scientific reports on the importance of drinking water.

The lady claims that not drinking water during this period contributed to the treatment of joint pain, skin problems, food allergies and digestion problems, in addition to swelling of her eyes.

“I do not drink water for a period of between 13 and 14 hours a day, and if you want liquids, go to the natural fruit juices, which you describe as living water,” she said. “All the nutrients that the body needs can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and juices.” And coconut water. “

She noted that the doctors told her that she is “fine and does not suffer from anything wrong, and that if she wants to get rid of swelling in the eyes, I must undergo surgery,” adding: “When I started dry fasting, the results began to appear immediately, where the swelling began to improve, which Drove her to continue dry fasting for longer. “

Dry fasting depends on the restriction of fluid consumption. It is not allowed to drink water directly through broth or tea. As for the benefits resulting from not drinking water, it is weight loss, improved immunity, cell regeneration, and reduced infections, in addition to the skin and skin related benefits.


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