A video that destroyed the Armata tank was released in the USA


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US helicopter maker Bell has released an animated commercial film from YouTube channel in which 360 Invictus helicopter destroyed the Russian Armata tank.

In the commercial, helicopters attack enemy infantry units and armored vehicles. Helicopters first T-14 ArmataIt destroys four tanks that are very similar to. He then shoots heavy armored vehicles similar to the T-15 with guns and rockets. Meanwhile 360 Invictusfleeing anti-aircraft missiles and passing over the latest American infantry.

However, the commercial film did not affect social media users much.

One of the commented users said, “What if the enemy has another measure for air defense, except for the only soldier who uses anti-aircraft gun?” he asked.

Another user wrote, “The feeling when you had to make a Hollywood-style movie to sell helicopters to the army.”

Another user commented, “If you had defeated Vietnam first and then infect Russia”.

T-14 Armata is the only third generation tank in the world developed after World War II. Armata is designed to repel the attacks of motorized troops, armored vehicles, enemy or secret enemy forces in direct contact with the enemy.


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