A two-year-old boy almost drowns in a pool and nobody sees him



Sputnik World



The Livonia Police Department (USA) has shared a disturbing video in which you can see how a two-year-old boy spends several minutes underwater in a hotel pool and nobody notices.

In the agonized images, captured by a security camera, you can see how the child slips into the water and begins to drown moments later. However, none of the adults present realize what is happening. The poor boy spends several minutes under the water until a 9-year-old girl notices that there is something at the bottom of the pool and warns his mother, who immediately jumps into the water to save the child.

Fortunately, two out-of-service nurses who were in the same hotel performed a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and is currently out of danger. As for the four people who saved his life, they were decorated with the Outstanding Service Award, the highest civil honor of the Department.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three children die drowned daily,” the Department warned in the publication. “Parents can play a key role in protecting their children,” said the entity.


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