A stuntwoman who overtook Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock shot dead by her ex-husband


Actress Cheryl Sanders and her husband died in an “ambush” that they themselves had set up for Mrs. Sanders’ ex-husband and her new partner.

American actress and stuntwoman Cheryl Sanders was shot and killed with her husband Robert Reed in Greene County, Ohio, reports The Independent.

Police arrived at the scene to find the bodies of the victims and the author of the shooting, Mrs. Sanders’ ex-husband Lindsey Duncan. He says the couple “was ambushing” for him and his new wife Molly.

“They didn’t tell us anything and started shooting at us,” said the latter.

Currently, investigators are trying to obtain CCTV footage for more detailed information. For the moment, an investigation is opened for murder by self-defense.

During her Hollywood career, Cheryl Sanders, 59, has notably doubled Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz, and took part in the filming of films Back to the future 2 (1989) and 58 minutes to live (Die Hard 2, 1990).


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