A state of emergency in Pakistan due to the invasion of grasshoppers


Invasion of desert locusts forced the Pakistani authorities to declare a state of emergency, informs Deutsche Welle.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a measure to be taken protect crops and help farmers. Pakistani authorities have complained that this is the mostthe great invasion of grasshoppers for more than two decades. The eastern part of the country is most affected.

The locusts arrived in Pakistan from Iran back in June and have already started to destroy different plantations, including cotton, wheat and maize.

Favorable meteorological conditions and a delay in government response are contributed to the invasion. There is a potential risk of a food crisis.

According to Pakistani authorities the grasshopper attack is unprecedented and unsettling. The last major attack of grasshoppers in Pakistan was in 1993. There are other countries affected by grasshopper invasions, including India and countries in East Africa.


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