A state of affliction; Tears and Valentines Day Views. | China | Valentines Day Celebration | Coronavirus


Though the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, the Chinese celebrations are different. This time around the corona’s backdrop is a sad day for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

While the world is falling in love, China is counting on coroner victims. The streets of China are empty. Chinese lovers are hardly ever to see one.

China’s Valentine’s Day is very different from celebrations around the world. The main celebration is for those who love to get together and organize community weddings. Many places choose this. The Chinese are the ones who set the Guinness-up to marriage on a rollercoaster.

This year, they are remembering the beautiful moments of the past and putting it on Valentine’s Day. Inside each mask, the zebra is not only about romance, but also about the fear of death in isolation.

This is a restaurant in Shanghai that gets busier on Valentine’s Day. Owner Bill Hu says there has been no earnings since January. Chinese streets are the only ones left empty by coronation.

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