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A solid plus for the Amsterdam stock exchange


Published on February 5, 2020 3:52 PM |
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AMSTERDAM (AFN) – The stock exchange in Amsterdam again went up sharply on Wednesday, just like the stock exchanges elsewhere in Europe. Reports that scientists may have found an effective drug against the new coronavirus caused investor optimism. Stainless steel producer Aperam was popular on the Damrak thanks to better than expected annual figures. The results of navigation company TomTom were not appreciated.

The AEX index on Beursplein 5 was 1.5 percent higher in the afternoon trade at 614.33 points. The MidKap thickens 2.4 percent to 964.79 points. London, Frankfurt and Paris rose to 1.3 percent.

In the MidKap, Aperam was among the strongest climbers with a plus of 9.4 percent. The company saw revenue and profit fall last year, but according to market experts did perform better than expected. Real estate investor Eurocommercial Properties managed to raise more rental income in the past six months and was rewarded with a price gain of more than 1 percent.


The leader in the AEX was chip machine manufacturer ASML with a profit of 2.6 percent. Biotechnologist Galapagos closed the line with a loss of 0.7 percent. TomTom lost 1 percent at the smaller companies. The quarterly loss of the navigation service provider was higher than expected.

The French bank BNP Paribas rose 0.6 percent in Paris thanks to stronger than expected earnings growth in the fourth quarter. Industry colleague Danske Bank climbed 0.6 percent in Copenhagen. The Danish bank expects to make considerably less profit this year due to the aftermath of the money laundering scandal. Vestas won 5.7 percent. The Danish windmill producer expects to generate more revenue this year.


Infineon increased 10 percent in Frankfurt after better than expected figures from the German chip maker. The German technology group Siemens made less profit than expected last quarter. The share nevertheless rose 0.5 percent. British telecom company Vodafone fell 1.5 percent in London after sales figures.

The euro was worth $ 1,1002 against $ 1,1035 a day earlier. A barrel of American oil was 3.3 percent more expensive at $ 51.31. Brent oil cost 3.5 percent more at $ 55.82 per barrel.


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