A player reacting to racism in Portugal left the match and left


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Malian footballer Moussa Marega, from Porto, went out of the field and went to the locker room due to the racist cheers of the opponents in the Vitoria Giumaraes match they played away.

Portugal’s 1st Football League Played at its 21st week Vitoria Giumaraes-Porto Malian football player of Porto, who reacted to the racist cheers from the stands in his match Moussa Marega, leaving the field went to the dressing room.

Marega, who broke the 1-1 equality in the match and took the goal in the 60th minute, scored only the racist cheers of the opponents. 11 minutes he was able to endure.

Moussa Marega reacted to racist cheers in the 71st minute of the match and made his way to the locker room.

In order to react to fans who do racist cheer and referees who do not intervene, ignoring both teammates and rival football players’ attempts to calm and stop him. “This is a disgrace” shouted, leaving the field.

Marega, while leaving the field, responded to the opponents by gesturing. Porto Manager Sergio Conceiçao replaces Marega the Manafa he took it to the game.

Porto won the match 2-1 with Marega’s goal and returned 3 away from the road.

Conceiçao, in a statement to the broadcaster after the match, racist cheers for Marega saddening evaluated as.
Sergio Conceiçao said:

“When things like that happen, the match stays in the background. We’re all angry. Even though it’s a small group, we’ve been insulted at Marega from the day we went to warm up on the pitch. We’re a family regardless of their nationality, height, hair color, skin color. We’re human, We deserve respect. What happened here today was unfortunate. “

The members of the left government in Portugal also stressed that the racist verbal attack by Marega cannot be tolerated and that those responsible will be punished.

Meanwhile, Moussa Marega, for those sharing a racist cheer on social media, racist fools while using the expression, the referees “I also thank the referees for not defending me and showing a yellow card because I am defending my skin color” said.


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