A major Saudi move to promote culture and art


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken another official step to enhance the cultural scene, today it announced the formation of new councils that will enhance the culinary arts, theater, design, architecture, art and cinema in the country.

The new bodies will be supervised by Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah, who said on Twitter, “This is the beginning of a new and important stage in the history of our culture,” and we thank the leadership of the country “for their support of culture and intellectuals.”

A statement published on the Saudi Press Agency “SPA” said that the new councils will work on “literature, publishing, translation, museums, heritage, films, libraries, architecture, and design” in addition to “music, theater, performing arts, visual arts, cooking, arts and fashion”.

And he said Art and Culture The cultural events in the country “have already witnessed a boost thanks to the events of the” seasons “that took over every city: with the presence of the Riyadh Festival for three days which created a” shock effect “and attracted a crowd of 200,000; and with the winter event held in Al Ula with names like Andrea Bocelli Wanni. “

The website added that the film industry “witnessed an initial boost when it opened a cinema showroom in Riyadh for the first time in 35 years in April 2018. It is expected that about 45 cinemas will open in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year, and the Red Sea Film Festival To be held in Jeddah in March this year will enhance the independent film scene not only in the country, but in the region. “

On the television front, it was announced today, Tuesday, that MBC, which is based in Dubai, will set up a headquarters in the new media city project in Riyadh.

The Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, announced today, Tuesday, the establishment of a media city in the embassy district in the capital Riyadh.

Prince Badr bin Abdullah said, “The media city is a catalyst for creativity in technology, media and culture, and it welcomes all inspiring ideas.”

He added in a tweet via his Twitter account: “Today, I signed with Jerry Lee, Managing Director of the eWTP Arabia investment fund and Ali Cloud Company, which is affiliated to the Alibaba Group, to establish a new headquarters for the Fund in Media City, and this is an important first step to strengthen our partnerships and attract creators. from all over the world”.

The Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, issued a number of new decisions during the cabinet meeting held today at Al Yamamah Palace.

The Cabinet decided to establish bodies (literature, publishing and translation, museums, heritage, films, libraries, architecture and design, music, theater and performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, and fashion), and to authorize the Minister of Culture to exercise the powers of those councils, pending the formation of a board of directors Every body.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a transformation in its economy in light of Vision 2030, which is a comprehensive social and economic agenda led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. One of the main pillars of the reform program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the separation of its economy from oil, the allocation of partial government entities, and the opening of its non-oil sector for investment.


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