A magazine warns of a “potential” military confrontation between America and China



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An American magazine said that the third world war could erupt in North Korea, noting that the whole world is afraid of this.

The National Interest magazine reported that the United States and China could be the first to ignite that war, due to North Korea, noting that each of them is preparing for a possible confrontation.

Are considered The American Journal, “North Korea represents the most dangerous place on earth, and it can witness the outbreak of the first spark, of the Third World War.”

And because North Korea, one of the few countries that possess nuclear weapons in the world, both the United States and China, are afraid of any situation threatening its stability, because this could lead to a military confrontation between the two countries, according to the magazine.

The magazine says that the competition between America and China will be at its peak when it comes to North Korea, noting that there are two strategic directions related to North Korea.

The first relates to China’s concern to secure its borders with North Korea, which extend more than 1400 kilometers, while the second issue concerns the threats, which the United States of America poses to Pyongyang, through its alliance with South Korea.


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