A luxury hotel floating in the middle of an iceberg; And a swimming pool in the middle


Stockholm: Opening a new hotel is not news. But what if that hotel was a floating hotel? If it was built in the middle of layers of snow, that would definitely be news. One such hotel is now filled with international media.

The name of the hotel is ‘Arctic Bath’. As the name suggests, the hotel is bathed in snow. This magnificent hotel is located in Sweden. The structure of the hotel is circular. The hotel flows through the Lule River. You can only enter the hotel through a wooden bridge.

Arctic Bath
Image credit: Arctic Bath / facebook

There is a large swimming pool in the center of the hotel. In addition to the swimming pool, there are several swimming pools in the hotel.

Arctic Bath
Image credit: Arctic Bath / facebook

The hotel was designed by architects Bertail Hearstrum and John Coupe. The hotel has 12 rooms. The hotel is only an hour and 15 minutes drive from Lule വിമാനത്താവള Airport

Arctic Bath
Image credit: Arctic Bath / facebook

The hotel has special facilities for yoga and meditation. Separate rooms are also set up along the river to accommodate the hotel. If you want to have a bath in the snow, you can fly to this hotel

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