“A great threat”: this is how they evaluate the new armament of the Russian MiG-31 fighter in the US


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Russian modernized MiG-31 interceptor fighters equipped with new long-range missiles create “a great threat” to enemy aircraft, say the authors of the US military watch article.

Currently, the most advanced version is the MiG-31BSM. It has one of the most powerful radar systems. Until the Su-57 is fully operational, the MiG-31 remains the most capable Russian aircraft in the air-to-air category, observes the medium.
The installation of the modernized R-33S missiles allowed the MiG-31 to operate at a range of 300 kilometers, which “is three times more than that of the AIM-120C used by most modern western fighters.”
Meanwhile, the R-77 was developed to replace the R-27 and maintains a range of 110 km. The missile acquired an active radar guidance system and a very light weight compared to the original MiG-31 armament.

In turn, the R-37M in its updated version received improved electronic warfare systems, a more efficient engine and became much lighter, which allowed it to be used on other aircraft, such as the Su-57, the MiG-35 and the Su-35

The Foxhound (according to the NATO designation) in its most modern form retains a tracing range far superior to that of other Russian fighters, and probably that of any other aircraft equipped for air-to-air combat in the world, point out the authors. Therefore, the development of new long-range missiles to equip the aircraft remains a considerable possibility to make the most of it.

The Kremlin has repeatedly reiterated that Russia does not threaten anyone and that it develops its military arsenal only for defensive purposes.


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