A forest man was stabbed to death while trying to get back into the forest


Ranni (Pathanamthitta): .

 A forest man was stabbed to death while trying to return to the jungle. Tribal Watcher at Rajambara Forest Station, Laha Anjilimoot KP Poulos (Rajan-62) is under treatment at Ranni Taluk Hospital in Kunnamumpuram.

The forest guards, including Biju, reached Kattikkal on Wednesday morning at about 8 am. Kattan Biju was stabbed at around 2 pm while trying to run into the forest. Biju was pronounced dead at the Ranni hospital. Locals say that the two varnas have arrived. But only one was found.

Paul was attacked by a jungle in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The incident occurred while he was tapping his own rubber trees. Then the forest guards, led by the Ranni Range Officer, arrived at the spot. The elephant was later found in a rubber plantation near the Catholic church at Warruchal on Madantaman-Chempanoli road. The elephant stepped forward as Biju fired a shotgun. Within seconds, it was rushing towards the forest guards. Biju was injected with an elephant. Stabbed just below the chest. The accompanying forest firemen were running away. When the elephant left, the forest guards rushed Biju to the taluk hospital.

At eight o’clock in the night, the jungle returned to the forest. The bike was hit by an elephant trunk as it was crossing the road at Kattikkal. The two men on the bike fled. The elephant on the river stopped there for a while. Then they went into the forest. The forests on the banks of the River Pandan frequently come to the river to drink water from the forest.

Raju Abraham MLA, District Collector PB Nooh, CCF Vijayanand, Periyar Tiger Reserve Forest Field Director Anoop, Deputy Director CK Habi, DFOs S Unnikrishnan and Shyam Mohanlal were also present.

Anila is the wife of the deceased Biju. Bijila (Perunad High School student) and Decorated (one and half year old) children.

Content Highlights: Forest Watcher Killed In Elephant Attack In Ranni

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