A corpse inside a cage soaked in the sea mobs the Saudi authorities … Pictures


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A group of diving amateurs north of Qayal region on the coast of Tabuk Province spotted a corpse inside a cage soaked in sea water.

The scene of the body trapped in a metal cage frightened the divers, who immediately informed the local authorities of the scene.

Indeed, the Saudi authorities moved the “border guards” who were present after receiving a report from the divers, to discover the place.

The iron cage was extracted with the presence of the police from the swallowing governorate, forensic evidence and the forensic doctor, and the cage was opened to have a plastic skeleton, for a human body “a plastic doll in the form of a human skeleton”, according to “Okaz”.

The structure was fixed with metal wires inside a cage, with clothes on it, which made the scene look like a real human body, and the cage and plastic body were handed over to the authorities in Tabuk Governorate.


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