8 soldiers were killed in northern Mali


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A statement of the Malian army said that a unit affiliated to it was exposed today, Friday, to an armed attack, which resulted in the death of 8 soldiers and the injury of 4 others.

Nouakchott – Sputnik. The statement indicated that a financial military unit was also attacked in the Mondoro district, where one soldier was killed and 3 were wounded in a temporary toll.
The village of Ojusago, located in the Mopti region, was attacked, on Friday morning, killing 20 villagers, according to local sources.

The UN mission said in a statement that the attack claimed the lives of many villagers and left many wounded, and the mission confirmed that it “deployed as a quick reaction to the incident in support of the Malian government and also provided air support to prevent further attacks and evacuate the wounded quickly.”

Mopti region has suffered, since last March, from repeated ethnic violence, which has killed 160 civilians.


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