750 million dollars spent, Ankapark closed


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The door of Ankapark, which Ankara’s former Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek says “will bring 10 million tourists to Ankara annually” and built by spending billions of liras, was locked.

According to the news of Yavuz Alatan from Sözcü newspaper, Ankapark, which started to experience difficulties 6 months after its opening on March 20, 2019, did not attract interest even though ticket prices were reduced.

The company, which rented the park for 26 million 400 thousand liras annually for 29 years, became unable to pay salaries to its workers.

When there were no people coming to Ankapark, which turned into a pile of iron, tolls were closed and barriers were drawn to the entrance of the park. More than 100 staff quit. No one is left except a guard.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said in a statement he made recently that “Ankapark cost 750 million dollars, it is sinking.”


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