600,000 Belgians are prepared for their death


More than 600,000 Belgians still living had their will registered, and almost a quarter of them already made different wills. This is apparent on Wednesday from figures from the Federation of Notaries (Fednot).

Fednot manages the data of wills that are registered in the Central Register for Wills (CRT). It is about authentic wills made by a notary, and self-written wills that were registered with the notary afterwards.

The new analysis by Fednot shows that 619,218 living Belgians had one or more testaments registered. “People with multiple wills had their wills revoked, or have multiple wills that coexist,” explains Fednot. In this way it is perfectly possible that a person has a general will and an additional one about a specific aspect.

Notary Carol Bohyn, the spokesperson for Notaris.be, says it is only logical that wills are rewritten. “Life does not always go as expected. Marriages are on the rocks. Remarriage people, and the relationship with the children sometimes goes awry. Legislation can also change and have an impact on the consequences of an inheritance, “she says.

Bohyn even advises people to regularly examine their wills to check whether it still matches their capabilities and wishes.


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