3 out of 3: Powerful Levski with a new victory in Turkey


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Levski hit Uzbekistan’s national team under 4: 1 until the age of 19 and recorded a third consecutive victory in their controls during a camp in Turkey.

Control is played at the Gold City complex in Alanya, with the coach of the “Blue” Peter Hubchev giving a chance to most of his reserve football players. Levski’s leading players were reserved for the last Turkish ground check against Alexandria on February 6th.

As it is known, on February 2 today’s rival of Levski lost 0: 2 from the junior national team of Bulgaria to 19 years. So far, the Blues have recorded and won Armenian Pyunik (3: 2) and over Austrian Rapid Vienna 2: 1.

Martin Petkov opened the scoring with a goal in the 4th minute. Zdravko Dimitrov, Nasiru Mohammed and Marin Petkov added three more in the first half, while Hashimov reduced it to 4: 1 in the 53rd minute.

A quarter of an hour after the start of the meeting Iliya Yurukov attempted a long range shot, which was, however, within reach of the goalkeeper Yuldashev. In the 25th minute, a good blue action ended with a shot from Felipe Nashimeno from the penalty area, but Uzbekistan’s guard managed to plan and prevent a second goal in his net.

By the end of the half Levski continued the pressure and created a lot of positions, with three goals in the last ten minutes the result swelled to 4: 0. The top scorers were Zdravko Dimitrov in the 35th, Nasiru Mohammed in the 40th and Marin Petkov in the 42nd minute.

In the second part, Kargas, Mazurek, Spiers and Roberta came into play. Halftime began at a slower pace in view of the score, and Hashimov reduced it to 4: 1 in the 53rd minute. In the closing minutes, the two teams exchanged several positions, but new goals were not reached.

Levski: 12. P. Ivanov (B); 26. Lozev; 70. Rainov (Kargas – 58); 31. K. Iliev; 6. Naydenov; 77. Yurukov; 14. Nashimento (Spiers – 45); 88. Marin Petkov (Roberta – 72); 18. Nasiru (Mazurek – 58); 11. Dimitrov; 79. Martin Petkov


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