29 students unable to pass Class X examination; CBSE criticizes High Court


Cochin: .

 The High Court of India has intervened in the incident where the Class X students of the Thoppumpady Aroojas School, Cochin, were unable to appear for the CBSE exam. The CBSE Regional Director has been warned that he will be summoned by the CBSE Director in case of a single bench requesting him to attend.

Due to lack of affiliation, 29 students of Thoppumpady Aroojas School failed to appear for the CBSE 10th examination this year. The school management had approached the High Court demanding that the court intervene. Single bench inquired what happened this year despite the fact that students in the past had been tested at other schools. He also asked the CBSE Regional Director to appear in full with all related documents.

The CBSE officials in Delhi did not know what was going on here, the court said. Students should have the opportunity to write the exam. They should not miss a year. The court also directed the director of public education to join the plea as part of further investigation. Police, including the manager of the school, have been arrested following a complaint filed by parents against the school management. In this case, the single bench directed the police to add party.

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