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Female quotation shocking Kannur district A 22-year-old woman was found behind the quotation squad that tried to abduct a Pattakkal merchant in the middle of Kannur town. As the police surrounded the quotation, the woman was among the survivors.

The police has decided to file a case under govt. Law against those involved in the quotation squad. The woman has been identified as a resident of Kannur. There was a dispute with the merchant over the refund of Rs 30,000 in rent to the auditorium in connection with the marriage of the woman’s sister.

The group stated that they were merely buying it and wanted to intimidate them. But the police do not believe that the quotation squad landed in the center of Pattapakal town for just Rs. 30,000. The attacker is yet to file a complaint in the case. As such, the police has a practical barrier to prosecuting the girl. Five persons, including members of the quotation squad, have been arrested for allegedly attacking the police.

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