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Iran can have a greater share in world trade.

The head of Iran’s customs office announced that in the 11 months of the year 98 was worth $ 39 billion of exports and $ 40 billion of imports, Sputnik reported.

“If trade is facilitated in the country, we can have a greater share in world trade, while it is in the present century, and we should seize this opportunity well,” said Mehdi Mirasharrafi, chief of customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Of the $ 45 trillion, more than 90% of sea freight is freely available, and countries with access to open water have the potential to benefit from foreign trade, and Ancadd has stated in the 40s that, given its geographical location, Iran It is geographically fortified and has several thousand kilometers of blue border. So, at the same time, Anktad suggested that Iran should create a transit area in Bandar Abbas, and also provide an airport in the center of the country to accommodate passenger transit.

Iran is the only country in which the north-south and east-west corridors are cut and this position should be used in favor of foreign trade. Iran Customs does not have pre-shipment data, in-transit data, and no related imported goods at the time of arrival. But now, given the recent swift and lucrative LCD, little information is available to the customs.

Over 150 million tonnes of exports have been made in eleven months. While we have the toughest conditions for exporting goods, it is kind of an extreme situation. Exports are four times as high as imports. But customs activities should be as electronic as possible. “


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