138 Indians aboard the Corona reported vessel :: Janmabhumi Daily


New Delhi: 138 Indians aboard the Diamond Princess ship, which has been quarantined for days at the port of Yokohama, Japan, due to coronavirus infection. The vessel has about 3700 passengers and crew. The ship’s owner, Princess Cruz, said 132 crew members and six passengers were from India. External Affairs Minister SB Dissanayake said many people from India were aboard. Jaishankar tweeted yesterday.

The Diamond Princess, who has been visiting Hong Kong and other places, has confirmed the highest number of coronavirus cases outside China. 61 people have been diagnosed with the disease so far. “The Indian embassy in Japan has informed me that none of them are Indians,” he said.

The ship will not be released until the nineteenth of February, which is the quarantine period. Until then they will be under surveillance. Thermometers have been provided to those on board the ship to see if the body temperature is above 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Travelers are advised to stay in their own cabin the entire time.

Passengers are provided with internet, telephone and television services. Fifty percent are from Japan. In addition to the Diamond Princess, another ship, the World Dream, has been spotted in Hong Kong with over 1,000 people.

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